Broken Brothers

Broken Brothers 1.0

Minimalist real time strategy


  • Unique premise
  • Easy controls
  • Great look


  • Too hard!


Broken Brothers is a simple, stripped down real time strategy game. It features cool, minimalist graphics, and surprisingly frantic gameplay.

It begins with a character called Malakai, who has no hope, and wants you to bring him some. To to this you build a harvester, which can fetch hope from a hope fountain. With some hope, Malakai will build tanks, which is lucky as he is about to be attacked by marauding flesh eating bugs!

As you bring Malakai more hope, and build more units, you defend against the attackers, eventually pushing back at them to reach Malakai's "Broken Brothers". Each of these unlocks new units for your defense and attack.

The weird abstract-ish look of Broken Brothers is really cool, and the control system is beautifully simple - everything is mouse controlled. The issue with this experimental game is difficulty. You will really struggle to fight back the flesh eating bugs long enough to build an army to venture forth and meet Malakai's brothers. You can go from having a solid, effective defense to nothing in seconds, as when one tank is destroyed, the rest have a habit of falling moments later.

If you can keep up with the pace, Broken Brothers is a really cool looking, and playable real time strategy game, it's just a shame it's so difficult right from the start!

Broken Brothers


Broken Brothers 1.0

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